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Join us for a Prince Tour around the Greater Minneapolis you will never forget ! As unique as the man himself, Prince The Tour, takes a one-of-a-kind approach to sharing Prince's legacy with a fan friendly, relaxed, sightseeing tour all rolled into one. This 3 Hour tour offers (outside only) visit to (Purple Palace) of Paisley Park Studio, then to where it all began, through the Purple Rain era of downtown Minneapolis MN

Paisley Park Studio
Chanhassen, MN

One of Prince’s last goals will come to pass after all. His home and studio complex, Paisley Park, opened as a museum in October 2016, a fitting tribute to a man who left a giant impact that stretched beyond the world of music.
Tours of the 65,000-square-foot estate opened October 2016, allowing those who buy tickets priced from $38.50 to $100 to view the recording studios, rehearsal areas and other work spaces used by Prince from the time he opened Paisley Park in the late-1980s until his death in April at age 57. Paisley Park occupies a unique place in the hearts of Minnesota fans. A hometown son, Prince built his career in Minnesota and never left. Wherever in the world he traveled, home was always Chanhassen, where he would rest, regenerate, create and periodically reward faithful fans by opening up the park for impromptu parties and jam sessions. That makes Paisley Park different even from places like Graceland. Elvis Presley and his extended clan lived at the Memphis estate for years, but it was not where Presley created most of his music. Paisley Park embodied Prince’s artistic spirit — from the studios where he rehearsed to the vaults where he kept unreleased works.
Close friends said that Prince long had a vision of Paisley Park as a museum and that he had spent years gathering memorabilia from a decadeslong career that included seven Grammys, a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award. What he did not do was create a will, which for a time appeared to leave his vision in jeopardy.  By Editorial Board Star Tribune

First Avenue Night Club
Downtown Minneapolis

Paisley Park will forever be known as the place where Prince resided and died, but First Avenue is truly where Minneapolis’ newly deceased rock icon came to life.  “Playing there was always important,” said Prince & the Revolution drummer Bobby Z in a recent interview before the April 21 death of his old boss and friend. “It became his marquee, and it still is today.” That First Avenue and Prince would forever be tied at the hip was reiterated in the days and even just the hours after his passing. Media outlets worldwide showed images from inside and outside the club as 10,000-plus fans lined up for an impromptu street party on the night of his death, and then for the subsequent three-night, all-night, sold-out dance parties. Headlines included this one from CNN: “Fans remember Prince at iconic club.”
In the months after “Purple Rain” came out in July 1984 — featuring performance scenes filmed at the club over three frigid weeks the previous winter, plus songs recorded live on a hot August night — media outlets were on-site filing Prince stories on a weekly basis. Fans from around the world kept coming even after the media left, making it Minnesota’s No. 1 tourist destination for several years in the mid-’80s.

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More Of Our Tour

  1. Favorite Record Store
    Favorite Record Store
    People come in, sharing stories, and talking about their experiences and their love of his music," "It's just kind of been a communal day of grieving at the store here. People were dancing around, playing records, non-stop.
  2. Kids House - Purple Rain Movie
    Kids House - Purple Rain Movie
    Prince never actually lived at the house. The filmmakers of “Purple Rain” paid the then-owners for the exterior shots of the home where Prince’s character, The Kid, lived a turbulent life with his parents in the 1984 film.
  3. Prince Wall Mural
    Prince Wall Mural
    Two months and a day after Prince passed away, The mural was created by Mr G (Graham) Hoete of Sydney, Australia. The painter heard of the musician’s passing, via social media, received requests to come to Minnesota
  4. Paisley Park Tribute
    Paisley Park Tribute
    "Now fans from around the world will be able to experience Prince's world for the first time, as we open the doors to this incredible place. Most important, the museum will display Prince's genius, honor his legacy, strong sense of family and community."
  5. Paisley Park Tours
    Paisley Park Tours
    Prince’s creative oasis, his Paisley Park compound in Chanhassen, MN museum has opened for public tours.
  6. Remembering Prince
    Remembering Prince
    “Opening Paisley Park is something that Prince always wanted to do and was actively working on," Tyka Nelson said in a press release